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  • Please allow up to three days to be added to the Curb-Slide route. 

  • “A month” of service is one calendar month of 30 or 31 days. 

  • No waste material left outside the toter will be collected.  All refuse must fit in the toter so the lid closes.  No material should be left sticking out of the toter.

  • Please remember that the waste management truck’s lifting arm needs five (5) feet on either side of the rolling cart to wrap around the toter.  Curb-Slide will place the bin in an agreed-upon location.  We are not responsible for vehicles parked near the bin or other obstruction which may be damaged by the waste management truck or that may prevent the trash from being collected.    

  • Curb-Slide will only be moving the city approved waste bin.  No additional bins or waste material left outside the bin will be transported to the curb. 

  • All waste management guidelines from the city must be followed.  Curb-Slide Service will transport your bin to and from the curb for you. 

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