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Frequently Asked Questions

I've signed up and paid for my first month.  Now what?

Please ensure that your Profile is accurate.  Your Profile should have your name and the "Service Address", or the address Curb-Slide will be servicing.  There is an additional field "Special Details" for you to add notes you want our team to know regarding the location of your bin throughout the week.  We will call you if we have any additional questions.  Curb-Slide will begin taking your bin to the curb for you within the next 3 business days.  Please continue taking your trash to the bin as usual and know that we will take it to the curb for trash collection!

What happens if my trash bin is empty on trash collection day?

Curb-Slide Service employees are not expected or encouraged to look inside garbage bins before sliding them to the curb.  For this reason, there may be occasions when we DO unknowingly take a completely empty trash toter to the curb.  However, on the occasion that we do notice the bin to be empty we will do our best to notify you (via the phone number and email address we have on your account) and we will leave the bin in its resting place by the house.  

I have signed up for an Auto-Pay package.  When should I expect my payments to be drafted?

The monthly subscription on the CARE Plus and CORE plans will draft payment from your account on the same day of each month, or the following Monday if the date falls on a weekend.  

I am not on an Auto-Pay package.  Will Curb-Slide notify me when my service is almost over?

Curb-Slide Service will send current CARE and CARE Preferred customers an invoice before your service ends.

What time should I expect my bin to be taken to the curb and back?

A member of the Curb-Slide team will take your trash to the curb some time AFTER noon on the day your neighborhood's trash is collected.  For those with a return service, we will try to bring the bin back BEFORE noon the next day.  

Do I have to put the trash bin in a specific place for you to take it to the curb?

Each home is different.  You have an opportunity in your Profile "My Account" to give details of where your bin is kept throughout the week in the "Special Details" field.  Please ensure that we are able to access this area.  Specific instructions can be given via said form, or by email or phone call.  

Where do you put the trash bin on the Return service?

Unless specific instructions are given, your bin will be placed back in the location from which it was taken.  Please leave a note on your account info's "Special Details?" field for specific instructions, email us, or call 573-380-2552.

How do I change my payment information if I get a new card?

You can update the payment method you use on their active recurring monthly subscriptions. This is useful to avoid having your service canceled. 


Please Note:

  • Update payment method is only available for active, online recurring subscriptions.  If a subscription has already canceled due to a failed payment, please select your pricing plan again and complete the checkout using your new payment method.

  • To change your payment information on an active plan, click "My Subscriptions" under your login in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  

  • You can only update your payment method to a valid credit card.

  • Please update the payment method on each subscription separately (changes to one subscription do not affect all subscriptions).

How do I change my login?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the email you used as your login when you created your account.  You can, however, update your email address in "My Account.  We will use THIS email when sending mailers, but please continue using your original email and password to access your account.

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