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We handle your garbage bin, so you don't have to.

Put it in the bin and we do the rest.

Let us take CARE of you!


CORE Service

CORE stands for Curb Only Returns Excluded.  That means we take your garbage bin to the curb so you don't have to.  Then its up to you to return it from the curb.  This plan is geared towards people who have a hard time remembering to take the trash to the curb, people trying to save extra money on our service, or people who need extra help with the heavy bins but don't have a problem returning the bins from the street. 


CARE Service

CARE stands for Curb And REturn service, which means we take your garbage bin to the curb and come back the next day to return it to it's designated location. This service is geared towards people who no longer want to hassle with taking your trash to the curb twice a week. When your inside bin gets full you can take it out to the outside bin knowing with full confidence it will make it to the curb on the appropriate night and return to it's rightful spot the next day.  This also helps accomplish our biggest goal to serve our community's members who need us the most. People who can't make the trek or, if they did, they run the risk of serious injuries.  Parents also voiced their safety concerns of having their kids perform the task.


CARE Plans

Curb-Slide offers a variety of plans with more to come.  The greatest value we offer is the CARE Preferred Plan that offers the full Curb And Return service for the lowest price, while the CORE Service provides the most important part of our service for the lowest price. If you have any suggestions for any future services you feel more people could benefit from, please contact us at

573-380-2552 or email

Getting Started

Please ensure your Profile is accurate.  It should have your name and phone number and the "Service Address", or the address Curb-Slide will be servicing.  We have also included a field that says "Special Details?" to add notes for our team.  We will call the phone number on your account if we have any questions or need additional information. 

Once this information is accurate, you are ready to select a price plan that fits your needs.  

Service Locations

At this time we are only servicing citizens of Sikeston/Miner, Missouri that have an address inside the city limits.

To request your address or town


Call or Text



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